MACHT Business Advantages


Make your business more rewarding!

In a market where the features of the car batteries segment do not allow the seller the opportunity to gain great profit from the known brands of car batteries, MACHT offers a profitable business while giving the opportunity to properly set the selling prices and offering excellent value to money.

Controlled Quality - Satisfied Customers

All Macht batteries are tested multiple times, in order to ensure maximum performance to the consumers. The return rate percentage is lower than 0.8%, comparing to the standard of 2% agreed by most of producers.

Excellent price-quality ratio!

The quality of the MACHT batteries rises to the demands of the highest standards in the industry! MACHT Customers benefit from this quality level at a really fair price.

Full range of car batteries!

Batteries for European cars;
Batteries for Japanese cars;
AGM Batteries for cars with START-STOP technology;
Batteries for the HEAVY DUTY industry;
Batteries for Agriculture and Commercial Vehicles.

Marketing support

Advertising at the point of sale: communication materials at the sale point (flyers support, brochures, posters, roll-ups), display stands.
Illuminated signs for stores and services that sell MACHT batteries.
Media campaigns, web campaigns, outdoor campaigns


The key success factor of MACHT brand, is its flexibility to adapt to the client needs. By carrying out this strategy successfully, MACHT managed to increase its production volume significantly over the last years and became an important player in battery business.