Frequent Questions

Why to buy MACHT products?


The quality of MACHT batteries rises to the demands of the highest standards in the industry! MACHT Customers benefit from this quality level at a really fair price.

Where can I buy MACHT products?

If you can’t find MACHT batteries in your region, please fill the contact form and we will guide you to the closest shop in your area.

How can I be sure the MACHT starting power is real?

Ask your shop or garage if they have a battery tester. If they do, in only few seconds you can test your battery and check the result.

How can I trust MACHT quality?

Ask any professional who tested MACHT products or any user who used a MACHT battery on his vehicle and you will receive the most trusted answers.

How can MACHT provide 3 years warranty for some ranges?

Because we are absolutely sure about MACHT quality. Beside the innovative technology, all Macht batteries are tested multiple times, in order to ensure maximum performance to the consumers. The return rate percentage is lower than 0.8%, comparing to the standard of 2% agreed by most of producers.

How can I check the production date?

The production date it is stamped on the battery. For details, ask your shop or garage.